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      Welcome to Stargate Union Fleet Commando Starbase!
      Please take a moment to read our rules and guidelines, and if you're interested, read on for a bit of background behind our community.
      First and foremost, a bit of housekeeping:

      Forum Rules and Guidelines

      We are usually fairly lax when it comes to our guidelines, however, we will strictly enforce the few that we have. In addition to the Terms of Service and Rules agreement that you agree to when you sign up for an account on this forum, we have a few guidelines that we ask you to follow:

      Please use proper forum etiquette!
      We expect posts on these forums to conform to normal forum protocols. That includes, but is not limited to:
      - Treating any and all forum members with respect at all times, both in public and in private. No exceptions will be tolerated on this rule and not following this will lead to consequences.
      - Use of punctuation, or at least a reasonable attempt at doing so
      - Making all posts clearly formatted and easy to read

      Make proper use of the public area of the forum!
      If you are unsure of where to post, do so in whatever spot you think best.
      You are welcome to start new threads for your subjects if you cannot find a related one.
      A Forum Moderator can later move your posts to a more appropriate area if necessary.
      We do not mind doing this for you.

      However, be sure to post any questions ONLY ONCE and IN PUBLIC!
      That is a "win" situation for everybody involved, because:
      - Deliberate "double posting" can only possibly annoy people and serves no other purpose
      - Anyone and everyone can respond, which means you will probably get a quicker reply than using the Private Messaging (PM) system
      - It will be visible for future visitors that may have the same question

      You must avoid contacting people in private if not required!
      Do not be surprised if you receive no response on a question asked through PM that could have been asked in public.

      Please make all posts in English!
      Although we are an international community, the general consensus is that posts made on the forum should be in English unless otherwise specified.
      If you have trouble communicating in English, please say so and, if necessary, post both in your native language AND in English using a service such as Google Translate to assist you.
      Your English does not need to be perfect!

      Regarding Website Concerns
      If you have any queries or concerns regarding general forum management or personal issues, you may contact the Stargate Union Fleet Commando Starbase!
      Staff through the Private Messaging system whenever necessary.
      We promise that anything said to us in private will be kept confidential.

      At the moment the management team consists of @Jack

      Anti-Spam Policy
      This includes but is not limited to:
      - Unauthorised advertising
      - Excessive use of ALL-CAPS
      - Posting multiple/repeated threads covering the same topic
      - Starting personal conversations with questions that can be asked on the forum
      - Deliberately making use of multiple accounts is not acceptable. Such double accounts are subject to being banned and/or deleted without warning.

      Content deemed to be spam will be promptly deleted.

      Anti-Trolling Policy
      Trolling is vile and disruptive. Nobody likes it, so don't do it. We will not tolerate trolling of any kind, period.
      If a post is deemed to be inflammatory, we reserve the right to lock the containing thread or move it to another locked thread.
      Additionally, should a member be at risk of "feeding the trolls", they will be advised by an admin not to respond.

      If you see anyone who may be deliberately trying to cause unrest on any of these topics, please do not respond to these posts.
      Peaceful discussion on these topics will be welcome as always.

      Content Deletion Policy
      Certain circumstances may lead to individual posts or threads being removed from public view or deleted altogether. These include:
      - Double posts (either accidental or deliberate)
      - Spam and unauthorised advertising
      - Explicit or violent content
      - Highly offensive language

      Reporting Policy
      If you notice any post that may be in violation of our policies, please do not respond to these posts directly.
      Instead, please use the "Report" button located in the bottom left of the post in question, or PM a Moderator or Admin about the post.
      Warning and Banning Policy
      If you are found to be violating any of these terms, you will be given an official warning by a member of staff, which may come with consequences.
      We have a strict "three strikes" warning policy for user discipline, as follows:
      - First Warning: official warning (no action)
      - Second Warning: 24-hour ban
      - Final Warning: one week ban

      If a user commits a further offence after a Final Warning, they will be permanently banned from our forums. This decision is final.
      When a user gets permanently banned, it means that:
      - The person is banned, not just the forum account. Any subsequent accounts made by the same user are considered subject to the same ban.
      - All rights extended to that person under these rules are considered forfeited.

      NOTE: Depending on the severity of the offence, a staff member may choose to bypass any tier of the warning system and issue bans manually.
      IP bans may also occur if necessary.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      About Stargate Union Fleet Commando Starbase!

      Stargate Union Fleet Commando Starbase is a Gamer community for all Sins of a Solaar Empire: Rebellion (SGI Mod,) Gamer!

      Thanks for reading! These rules may be updated occasionally as circumstances demand, so be sure and check back occasionally. We hope you enjoy your time on our site!
      - The PC! administrative team
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