1. Some short Info about the Homepage
    In the next days the HP will get new forum icons!

Stargate Fleet Commdo

Stargtae Invasion - SGU Update Patch!

Here some Information about the SGU Update Patch.
How the Patch makes and the Patch new brings and
what the Reason for this Patch is.

:chev4First: How is making this Patch?
The Patch makes the Mod Developer from th SGI Mod, because they have the Modding Knowhow.
The Basis Patch Conzept comes from us.

:chev4Secound: What News Brings the SGU...
Hello Guys and SGI & SGI Fans!

Here some Information about the Homepage Works that will come in the Next days.
So here are the Homepage Works that will come:

:chev4 Now i work on the Forum Thread Icons. If you have some Ideas Postit.
:chev4 I will work later on the Race Icons for Wiki Pages

We are looking for our Community Guys how like to be the
The MP Event Manager.
The Jop of MP Event Manager will be
* Post from registered MP events in our calendar!...
Hello Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Gamer!


Wellcom to the SGU Fleet Commando Community! - We are a Community for all Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion and for all Sins: Rebellion Mods: (SGI Mod and SGU Addon Gamer).

Our Community is for Singel Player and for Multy Player! We will have for the Mods MP Events.
We are looking for someone for the MP event... Read More...